1954 Meteor Niagara

1954 Meteor Niagara

The  Car that was built in Canada by Canadians for Canadians.

The car was built in Oakville Ontario late in 1954 and was then shipped out west to Regina Saskatchewan to a Lincoln Mercury Dealership. It remained in Saskatchewan for the next 38 years and came back home to Ontario in 1992 where it has stayed to this present day. We purchased the Meteor in 2009 and have been enjoying it since then.

My wife and I had our first date in a green 1954 Meteor back a “few” years ago, so it was only fitting that we bought the car. It gets lots of attention at every show we go to and lots of photos taken and lots of memories rekindled.

We love the car so much that we have a web site just for it ..www.1954Meteor.com where we display photos and facts about the car.
We feel it is historically significant in the sense that it is one of the last Ford vehicles sporting a 255 cu in 125 hp Flathead engine which was discontinued that year of 1954. The car was touched up and repainted 22 years ago but every thing else is stock right out of 1954.

Dave and Rae Ann Curlette