1979 Lincoln Garage Find

1979 Lincoln Garage Find

Last year, I noticed a 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car parked at a seniors residence in Barrie, Ontario. Upon investigating, I discovered that the owner wanted to sell it because he owned second vehicle, and was only allowed parking for one car. The car was original with the exception of a partial paint job which was the result of a minor collision many years ago. The paint is fading, however, this car is in excellent mechanical condition.

I am the third owner of this car. It was purchased new in 1979 by a gentleman in east Toronto who passed away the same year and had little chance to drive it. The second owner purchased the car from his estate and drove it only in the summer. It was stored away every winter on blocks. It has 43,500 original kilometers (26,030 original miles) and has all five original tires. This car is equipped with a working eight track tape player and came with two bags of cassettes. I am considering a complete restoration of this vehicle.

Tony Douglas

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