My 1967 Dodge Monaco 500

My 1967 Dodge Monaco 500


My first car was a 67 Dodge Monaco 500. It was black and survived my early driving days. Sadly I sent it to the bone yard and always regretted it.

When I turned 50 in the fall and middle age crazy set in, I decided that it was time to get another Dodge. I searched until I found a red 68 in Mississauga. It was made in Windsor and spent most of it’s life in British Columbia and was lovingly cared for and is now my prized possession. I was going to paint it black but decided I like it as is.

My old black Dodge 67 has my sister in the picture sitting across the hood. My new 68 red Dodge has a picture of my teenage daughter sitting on the hood.

It has been a lot of fun and brings back a lot of good memories.

Mark Newby