Third Time’s A Charm: 1967 MGB Convertible

Third Time’s A Charm: 1967 MGB Convertible

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When I lived in London, England back in the late Sixties, I owned a chrome bumper, red 1964 MGB. Ten years after moving to Canada in 1978, I purchased another MGB in Newmarket Ontario. It was a lovely blue 1976 MGB with black rubber bumpers. I really enjoyed it but deep down, I really wanted another Mark 1 MGB with chrome bumpers.

One summer day in 2001, I was having lunch at a pub in Unionville and I spotted a beautiful British Racing Green MGB in the parking lot. I went round the pub asking who owned this vehicle. A chap called Mark put up his hand and said he was the owner of the 1967 MGB. I asked if it was for sale and he said no, but I gave him my business card and said if he changed his mind, please call me.

Eleven months later, Mark phoned me and said he was ready to sell his MGB. It was a beautiful, body off restored vehicle and one week later, I was its new owner. I sold my blue MGB to a friend’s girlfriend with the provision that if she decided to sell it in the future, she would give me the first chance to buy it back. I believe she still has it. My wife did not really understand why I had to pay more money for the 1967 MGB than the price I got from selling the newer 1976 MG.

Owner: Graeme Wallace