Time Warp – 1975 Dodge Shaggin’ Wagon garage find

Time Warp – 1975 Dodge Shaggin’ Wagon garage find

Driving home from South Carolina I bought a few old car traders to check out during my lunch at work. One of the guys at work was looking at one of the books a few weeks later and pointed to this van. My family had a couple vans when I was growing up, but you never see them around anymore.

After seeing a diet Pepsi commercial with a van in it a few years ago I told my wife if i found a decent van I was going to buy it t. And here it was. I showed my wife the van ad and she said “go for it” (to my surprise). I called the guy and asked for a couple more pics. He sent a couple of the original shag interior and my wife, without batting an eyelash, said “oh no”. I said oh yeah!

Brought it home from Grand Rapids Michigan with 29,000 miles on it. The side pipes, Kandy paint, hand striping, gold leaf lettering, complete interior with shag everywhere, 8-track, fur, wine rack, ice box, were all still in the same condition they were in 34 years ago, and all it needed to certify for the road was front brake pads. Not a spot of rust inside or out, top, or bottom. It’s like a time capsule! There aren’t too many vans left from the Vannin’ days, and even less with the original 70’s bling!

It is such a blast to drive because wherever we go someone always has a story about a van!

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